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All employees have unlimited access to their own personal wellness coach--yes, a live human being. 

Your coach ensures all employees have what they need to be their healthiest, happiest, and highest-performing at work. 


Wellness Program

Created by your people, for your people.


We talk to your employees to find out what they need to be their best at work--from smoking cessation to weight management, from mindfulness to personal development.  Then we make it happen.

Live Wellness 


Your first month includes $1,000 in live sessions over Zoom.  Depending on your team's needs, here's what a few of these sessions might look like: 


A virtual escape room for fun team building.  A group Q&A with a nutritionist.  A cardio workout with a fitness trainer.  A healthy cooking lesson from a chef.  A deep breathing class with a meditation guru. 

No commitment. 

Opt out anytime.  If you are completely satisfied after the first monthwe'll just keep doing everything you see above.

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